Betcons OÜ is a project management company in concrete element solution business and was founded in 2009. With the previous experiences and knowledge OÜ Betcons is now responsible for the project element solution sales.

Betcons OÜ has no manufacturing capacity, but is a trading company with self-efficacy to cope with the rapid international momentum of innovation and new thinking in parallel with market-based pricing. This means that we can deliver the product to our customers with the right balance between technology, quality and price.

For you as a customer, it means efficient and quality assured solutions delivered on time.

Betcons concept is based on not being locked into a producer and a country. Our competition exposes your purchase of most producers. Production procured the balance between price, quality and delivery time is best for the individual moment.

Our partners production meet the unified European standards and also is environmentally friendly and therefore enables them to be labeled with CE.

These certificates add assurance to the clients to receive high-quality products and make them available for building and construction projects all over the Baltic and Scandinavian Market.


Jaan Valbet